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Hybrid Cloud a Major Part of Datapipe’s Expanded Managed Cloud Service for AWS

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Managed hosting and cloud services provider Datapipe has expanded its Managed Cloud for Amazon Web Services to focus on three key areas that concern enterprises: security and risk management, resource usage optimization, and hybrid IT implementation.

Datapipe made the announcement Thursday at the AWS Summit in New York.

Datapipe has been doing architecture, provisioning, management, alerting and monitoring on the AWS platform since 2010, making it a veteran in the space. And it has been providing continuing to update its solutions and knowledge of AWS environments to enable customers to effectively integrate AWS into their managed private cloud and traditional IT environments.

Datapipe continues to provide new, enriched cloud capabilities for mission critical and day-to-day enterprise operations.

Datapipe’s enterprise cloud security and risk management is designed to protect customers using AWS services. It now provides best-practice Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation, governance and security policies that span AWS and hybrid IT environments, and fully managed security controls including threat detection and log management. It also ensures data resilience with hybrid solutions for database backup and recovery. Customers can also transfer liability to Datapipe for their managed AWS Environments.

Operational analytics and optimization assessment from Datapipe now includes Cloud Analytics platform which allows customers to quickly receive complete data analysis of their AWS environment, report and identify performance indicators, and analyze AWS patterns for mining, refining and delivering insight for optimization across cost, utilization and governance.

Datapipe can also now manage customers’ hybrid IT solutions across Datapipe’s managed data centers and network, and their AWS infrastructure. This is done via AWS Direct Connect which allows private links between IT infrastructures. This means customers can use local Datapipe’s data centers in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Ashburn, VA, London, and Singapore which can often provide greater speed and lower latency, and geographic redundancy for uses such as disaster recovery.

“The rapid growth in cloud adoption is changing how IT organizations optimize their internal and external resources,” Datapipe CEO Robb Allen said in a statement. “By expanding our managed cloud solutions for AWS, we are addressing the key barriers to public cloud adoption and enhancing the value of AWS for our enterprise clients.”

Datapipe has been steadily updating its offerings as managed service providers continue to play a large role in helping companies adopt cloud solutions. In May, Datapipe debuted its new Cloud Analytics for AWS service, thanks, in part, to its acquisition of cloud usage analytics provider Newvem in September 2013.

At AWS Summit NYC, Datapipe’s Director of Compliant Solutions, Mark Fuqua, will be presenting a case study on delivering an end-to-end hybrid infrastructure with Shane Shelton of McGraw Hill Education from 3:15 to 4:15pm.

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  1. Datapipe continues to provide new, enriched cloud capabilities for mission critical and day-to-day enterprise operations.