Hurricane Electric announced on Thursday that it is the first Internet backbone to connect to over 2,000 IPv6 networks

Hurricane Electric Connects to Over 2K IPv6 Networks

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Colocation hosting and Internet backbone provider Hurricane Electric announced on Thursday that it is the first Internet backbone to connect to over 2,000 IPv6 networks.

This announcement comes a few months after Hurricane Electric added new POPs in Milano, Italy, and Vienna, Austria.

Hurricane Electric says that research presented at the International Measurement Conference last year by the University of California shows that Hurricane Electric is the most dominant Autonomous System in the global IPv6 transit topology.

The research finds that between 2011 and 2012 no other AS was added to IPv6 routing paths as frequently and consistently at Hurricane Electric.

Hurricane Electric offers IPv6 as a core service so every customer is provided IPv6 connectivity as well as IPv4 connectivity, and it has been offering IPv6 since 2001 when it was first deployed at HE.

“Our early investment in IPv6 is paying off not only for Hurricane Electric, but also for our customers around the world,” Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric said in a statement. “Given the depletion of the IPv4address space, we expect continued strong growth in demand for IPv6 connectivity and services.”

In addition to tunnel broker and DNS services, Hurricane Electric offers a free IPv6 certification program that helps network engineers, system administrators and software developers gain expertise in IPv6. Hurricane Electric has partnered to offer the IPv6 certification in several languages, including Portuguese.

Last year, Hurricane Electric had certified 4,000 IPv6 Sages – the highest level of certification offered by the program – in 100 countries. Now, Hurricane Electric says that 6,756 participants have reached the level of IPv6 Sage.

Talk back: Are you surprised by the research on IPv6? Have you certified with Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 program? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Congratulations to these exemplary achievements showing leadership in expanding in the IPv6 Internet in the making albeit slow for others. Your voluntary work in educating engineers worldwide is very commendable as it's the first transition tool. Cheers Latif