Hulk Hogan’s Hostamania Announces Partnership with cPanel

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Hostamania announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with cPanel as its web hosting management platform.

The web hosting company launched a couple of months ago with Hulk Hogan as its spokesman, and while it has relied on its unlikely mascot to get the word out, it is now starting to release more information about the technology behind the platform. It is clearly making cPanel a priority as it is the first partnership it has announced officially.

According to its website, Hostamania will offer customers cPanel for account management and Ubersmith for billing. Its physical infrastructure comprises Dell servers, R1Soft Backups and Cisco networking equipment. Hostamania, a division of Tech Assets, has also partnered with Expedient Communications for data center space.

“Hulk Hogan is a larger-than-life legend who stands for working hard, aiming to be number one, and always giving his legions of fans around the world far more than they expect,” Aaron Phillips, cPanel’s VP of operations said. “And since those are precisely the things we strive for as well, we couldn’t be more thrilled to help the Hulkster bring cPanel’s incredible benefits, rewards and advantages to Hostamania’s customers. Indeed, the Internet is sometimes a huge `battle royal,’ and having Hulk Hogan champion cPanel’s mainstream technology – which is used by over 20 percent of the Internet — is nothing short of fantastic.”

With an emphasis on simplicity, Hostamania chose to lead with a management platform that is familiar to many end-users of web hosting. Its partnership with cPanel closely follows GoDaddy’s launch of cPanel support, which it said had been a long-requested feature from its customers. GoDaddy was among several web hosting company targets of a recent Hostamania video ad, where a cartoon-version of Danica Patrick made an appearance.

“I’ve had some great tag team partners in the ring, and now I’m proud to have cPanel in my corner,” Hulk Hogan said in a statement. “I can’t think of a better combination: two juggernauts working together to shake up the hosting industry. cPanel has the power and simplicity that Hostamania customers need and want. And now that I’ve got cPanel behind me, there’s nothing to stop Hostamania from winning the title belt.”

Hostamania customers who sign up for a cPanel plan by the end of 2013 will receive 6 months free.

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