HostingCon is Nearly Here: A Preview of What to Expect

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In less than a week HostingCon 2014 will commence in Miami, Florida and the web hosting and cloud industries will converge for several days of intense education, networking and fun. To say that this event brings together the ‘best and brightest’ in the business is to make an extreme understatement. Luminaries from all sectors within hosting will be participating. Some will be speakers or on educational panels, others will populate the vast exhibit hall to display the latest in hardware and software developments, while still others will be attendees who enrich the event through networking and deal-making.

To get a sense of HostingCon, and why it is such an outstanding venue for hosting professionals, I queried several of this year’s prominent participants. The individuals I talked to represent some of the largest hosting companies, software vendors and international attendees. All are veterans of HostingCon and have presented, exhibited or attended HostingCon for many years. You will most likely recognize the company names as all have a deep influence in the hosting industry.

First a word on the event itself. HostingCon will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center between June 16 and 18, 2014. For those who wish to attend, there is still time to gain entrance by registering here. Read here to learn more about the speakers and education agenda and view the complete list of HostingCon exhibitors here.

DreamHost has been providing hosting since April 1997 and today manages over 1 million domain names across more than 1,500 servers managed by 100 employees. Simon Anderson is the CEO of DreamHost and has been a staunch supporter of HostingCon since its early days.

Anderson will be speaking and networking at this year’s event and had this to say about the value of participating in HostingCon 2014, ”HostingCon gets end customers in front of all of the leading companies with services that can help you run fast with your web development projects. Learning what’s new can give you a big leg up in the race ahead for great design, development and production results for clients. I will be on a panel on Monday that was brilliantly named ”Are we still selling the same old stuff?’ The answer is a definite NO. DreamObjects cloud storage, DreamCompute public cloud computing, DreamPress managed WordPress, and DreamSpeed CDN speak to that fact. We’re moving fast to offer best in class new cloud services for the next generation of programmers. At HostingCon 2014 I’m looking forward to gaining insights into what’s working and what’s not for other cloud hosting providers, plus generating lots of good memories of times with friends and colleagues.”

Daniel Foster is co-founder of United Kingdom based web hosting provider, a customer-focused company founded in 2000. As an international attendee Foster has made the trip across the globe to attend virtually every HostingCon event since inception.

Foster has this advice for those considering making an international voyage to attend HostingCon, ”While the effort and expense of a trip to HostingCon can be greater than those in the United States, it is the very distance which makes the trip worth it. As a hosting executive, I am able to circulate among a wide variety of other hosting professionals from various parts of the globe – all in one place. The amount of hosting knowledge and experience that I am able to gather in just a few short days sets the stage for literally weeks of ideas and planning after HostingCon. It is great to see all the vendors in one place as well. To view, touch and experience the latest technology for hosting on one show floor is extremely efficient. It condenses down our research into new technologies and gives us insight and ideas that help drive our business forward. This is why we keep returning year after year. Well, that and the opportunity to learn during the educational sessions, network, investigate mergers and acquisitions, and to relax and have a great time with like-minded professionals.”

cPanel is one of the leading hosting software companies in the world today. Its products are used by thousands of hosting companies to manage their customer’s accounts. cPanel provides control panel software solutions for companies ranging in size from small scale to enterprise level.

Aaron Phillips is the Chief Business Officer at cPanel and provided these thoughts regarding HostingCon 2014, ”One compelling reason for industry experts to attend HostingCon is the chance to meet with almost 20 members of the cPanel team. There’s a mix of executive, development, account management, marketing and technical support team members to interact with. If a customer has any questions, there is almost certainly someone in the booth who has the expertise to answer it. I will be participating in the TLD panel on Monday afternoon, which is the same day we’re hosting our legendary cPanel party. We’ll also be exhibiting again this year, in Booth #211, and we have a lot going on. We have a really unique contest to win an Xbox One and opportunities to get some Miami-style swag, but most importantly, we’ll be showing off our latest features and our updated user interface. This is a really great chance for cPanel partners and users to experience these things firsthand. We’re also capitalizing on our partnership with WHMCS, and they will be showing off their new updates in our booth, as well. For us, HostingCon is the best opportunity for cPanel to get face time with our partners. As the largest hosting event in the US, we see more of our partners in these 3 days than we can possibly see in any other 3 day period. This gives our team a chance to let our customers know what we’re doing, and it lets us get feedback on what they want want to see from us. It’s a win-win situation.”

OnApp is a relative newcomer to the hosting industry and to HostingCon. The OnApp platform launched in July 2010 after years of intensive development and has propelled OnApp to be a leading cloud platform for service providers with over 800 clients in 87 countries around the world.

OnApp is a Platinum Level Sponsor of this year’s HostingCon and is pulling out all the stops for a great event. In fact, we’ve heard that OnApp will making an announcement that will cause a bit of a stir. The company will have previews and demos at the OnApp Cabana in booth #806.

Kosten Metreweli is the Chief Commercial Officer at OnApp and had this to add, ”It’s crunch time for the hosting business. Cloud has become mainstream and mature, and dedicated hosting and cloud are beginning to converge. At the larger end of the market even AWS is beginning to feel the heat from other large players. Everything is changing, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming next. We have some very big news to announce at HostingCon – something that helps make all hosting companies much, much bigger – and a much bigger problem for the perceived cloud leaders. If you aren’t at HostingCon looking for partners and tools that can help you compete, you should get with the program now – the world of hosting is about to change forever. HostingCon is a fantastic way to learn what a pretty complete cross-section of the market thinks, feels and wants – it’s like the whole hosting ecosystem brought together, under one roof, and that’s always an extremely valuable way to generate new ideas and opportunities. For me personally, I want to walk away knowing that every host there, every member of the hosting community, knows that finally, there’s a way to compete at scale, even with the big guys. The OnApp VIP lounge is also back this year, Miami style! The OnApp team will share cocktails and cloud with our guests at the #VIPLounge in room D232, and demo the BIG news we’ll have at the show. You can also meet the team at the OnApp Cabana, booth #806, for some cool Miami-themed giveaways and prizes. Plus, our CEO Ditlev Bredahl will be speaking on the panel ‘What Toolset Do I Use To Build A Cloud?’ on Monday, June 16 at 10 am along with Igor Seletskiy, Al Sadowski, Ken Lee, Nate Gordon and AndrĂ© Bearfield. They’ll be discussing if hosters should move to the cloud (that’ll be a short question), which paths they can take, and the pros and cons of open source platforms. It should be an interesting discussion.”

derekvaughanAbout the Author: Derek Vaughan is a hosting industry veteran who attended the very first HostingCon event. Vaughan has architected the marketing growth of several web hosting businesses leading to acquisition. He was previously responsible for online marketing at The Walt Disney Company where he marketed ecommerce for the and brands. Derek Vaughan received his M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University in Finance and Marketing.

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