HostingCon Global Seeks Speakers to Deliver Educational Cloud and Hosting Content

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HostingCon is calling for proposal submissions for speakers for HostingCon Global 2016 in New Orleans from July 25-27, 2016. Educational sessions at HostingCon Global are a great way for conference attendees to stay current on the latest technologies, practices, and perspectives that are shaping the cloud and hosting industry.

From the speaker’s point of view, they are a great way of sharing expertise and information with the internet and networking services community. This can lead not only to a stronger community, but also to a broader field of potential partners and clients.

As a vendor-neutral conference, HostingCon selects sessions that add value to the attendee experience by delivering information they need to know to guide their companies providing cloud and hosting services. That means if you have a message that service providers need to know, HostingCon may be the perfect opportunity for you to bring that message directly to the industry.

Some examples of popular sessions from last year’s event include internet lawyer David Snead on “Why Stealing from Rackspace is OK,” ICANN VP, Business Engagement Christopher Mondini on Internet governance issues and who could profit from them, Adam Bosnian of CyberArk on securing privileges in the cloud, and Tesora founder Ken Rugg on the value of DBaaS for cloud service providers.

Industry decision makers all have their own unique viewpoints, challenges, and market positions, however, so they are bound to have their own favorite sessions. Check the HostingCon Global website, recently updated for this year’s conference, for information on who your audience will be.

To speak at HostingCon global, you should check out the blog post on how conference organizers select the sessions, view the guidelines, and submit a proposal.

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