HOSTING Launches Cloud Services Business Insights Tool

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Web hosting provider HOSTING announced on Tuesday it has launched a new business insights tool that provides visibility into HOSTING’s cloud services using the tenets of ITIL service design, including availability, performance, recovery, security and capacity.

The new 360 Degrees Report provides a concise summary of both historical and predictive cloud information that customers can use to help optimize their environment in HOSTING’s cloud.

360 Degrees Report is the only cloud report on the market that lets customers “compare their own performance levels with those of organizations in similar industries, running similar applications or with similar critical success factors,” according to the press release.

The comparison reports give HOSTING customers a competitive advantage by enabling them to more effectively advocate for changes to systems configurations and security postures.

The 360 Degrees Report offers flexibility to tailor reports based on an enterprise’s own critical success factors. Customers configure threshold targets within the five ITIL areas to align with their business priorities, which enables the delivery of relevant intelligence based on the operational performance and security features that individual customers feel are most important.

The monthly 360 Reports provide quantitative metrics for each ITIL area, along with recommendations for improving the score achieved.

“360 Degrees Report advances the cloud’s promise and delivers a level of intelligence that, until now, has been unavailable,” said Art Zeile, CEO of HOSTING. “This tool elevates cloud operations data to the boardroom with metrics correlated directly to what each customer values – not what others deem important.”

360 Degrees Report provides HOSTING customers with concise managed cloud services data that can be viewed via “performance-on-a-page” reports, as well as streamlined summaries that enable quick identification of areas that need attention, and areas that meet or exceed customer success parameters.

In addition, the reports provide complete transparency, visibility and control via cloud operations information delivered according to the 5 ITIL-based tenets of any cloud installation, and business and technical level information that ranges from summary performance data on rates and services to technical information such as monitoring, capacity and backups.

Finally, 360 Degrees Report provide tailored operational performance information via scores calculated based on the five key report areas and customer-specified critical success factors, along with normative data that compares the customer’s cloud performance with that of its peers.

HOSTING customers will receive their 360 Degrees Report as a value-added, free monthly tool via HOSTING’s customer portal starting this summer.

HOSTING builds and operates high-performance clouds for business-critical applications, helping organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and protect their cloud-based environments.

Using enterprise-class technologies, HOSTING provides the highest levels of availability, recovery, security and performance.

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