Hosting Firm Restores Servers After Ex-Employee Deletes Everything

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A Dutch hosting provider had to restore servers over the weekend after an ex-administrator “deleted all customer data and wiped most servers,” according to a statement by the Netherlands-based Verelox on Friday.

The company said it looks like it didn’t lose any important data, and it is offering current customers compensation for the downtime.

On a landing page on its website, which has still yet to fully be restored, the company said its network and hosting services “will be back this week with security updates” but in the meantime is recommending clients change all server passwords.

As a poster on the Web Hosting Talk forum noted, this situation not only highlights the importance of backups, but also how critical it is to do background checks in the hiring process. The poster recommends asking employee reference checks whether or not they would still trust them if they were angry, as we continue to see human error or malicious intent wreak havoc on networks.

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