Hosting and Cloud Industry Decision-Makers to Gather for HostingCon Global 2016

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The breadth, quantity, and power of HostingCon 2016 attendees is impressive, particularly when you consider the attendee make-up of previous HostingCon Global events. HostingCon Global 2016 is in New Orleans from July 24-27, 2016.

Last year in San Diego, nearly two-thirds of all attendees listed “executive management” as their primary job function. The other third was made up of sales and marketing management, technical and engineering management, and a smattering of operations, consulting, customer service and financial management professionals.

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While more than a third of the businesses represented by those people were web hosting or cloud companies, one in five attendees represents a company supplying those ones, with hardware, software or services. Fourteen percent were from the data center segment, and application service providers (broadly construed) and consultants were accounted for another 5 percent of HostingCon attendees each. Fifteen percent were from the “other” category, which includes investors, media, and potential clients.

The range in the size of companies represented may be the most interesting take away from the HostingCon Global 2015 attendee survey. Fifteen percent came from companies with $10 million-plus in technology spending, while just under one-quarter came from companies with tech spends under $100,000. The size of your company does not matter; if you are part of the hosting industry ecosystem, and you have something to teach or learn, HostingCon is for you.

As a startup attending and exhibiting at HostingCon Global for the first time last year, BitNinja’s blog post gives a good taste of its experience.

Whether your organization has something to exhibit at HostingCon, a perspective to share in the educational sessions, or will benefit best from learning and networking, if digital networks are part of your business, HostingCon is for you. Early bird registration is on now.

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