HostGator Struggles to Bring Reseller Servers Online After Intermittent Outages


Users of HostGator’s reseller servers may have experienced some downtime over the past few days as the company had to begin emergency maintenance early Wednesday morning. The company still hasn’t fully restored services.

“An update to an operating system resulted in a service interruption for a small segment of our customers. We were able to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue for the vast majority of the affected customers. There are still a few customers who are experiencing some residual issues, and our teams are working with them directly,” a spokesperson from HostGator’s parent company, Endurance International Group, told the WHIR in an email on Friday.

On Oct. 29, a HostGator Linux systems administrator identified the issues as being related to an operating system update. On Thursday, HostGator systems monitoring supervisor Anthony K. said that there were issues with Innodb and MySQL. This is the extent of the information that HostGator has divulged about the intermittent downtime that has now lasted three days.

According to HostGator’s last update on Friday morning at 12:33 am, the vast majority of servers are functioning normally but it remains “in the homestretch and will announce a full restoration of services as soon as possible.”

In the update, HostGator social media manager Sean Valant apologized for the lack of communication during the outage. He said that there are still a small number of innodb recoveries and fscks being performed.

In an update last night around 6 pm, HostGator said that it was in the “homestretch” and promised that its team would continue working nonstop until full service was restored.

Unfortunatley, outages are nothing new for HostGator, who has struggled with several outages this year alone. In May, HostGator and BlueHost customers saw around nine hours of downtime during one particular outage.

Owned by Endurance International Group, HostGator has struggled to come up with an effective system for communicating outages and giving status updates to customers. The support forum seems to host the bulk of the communication, while its support Twitter account, @HGSupport, stopped communicating with customers on Oct. 29, the first day of the issues. Its @HGstatus account provides automated status updates but is practically jibberish for anyone who isn’t a techie.

Communicating through an outage successfully can either make or break a relationship with customers. Too often HostGator’s jumbled communication and lack of palatable empathy leaves customers frustrated enough to share their disdain online. With so much of hosting growth attributable to word-of-mouth recommendations, this latest outage may have done considerable damage to its reseller reputation.

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  1. I remember that days , it was horrible my clients were yelling at me and hostgator was not responding to me at all i had to loose reputation and clients at the same time

  2. Well, it used to be great hosting service few years ago, but after Hostgator had been bought by EIG group, their service and technical support has worsened. On the other hand, it's true about any big company - the bigger you get, the more customers you have, the more problems you face. I guess they have issues with facing too many problems.

  3. Wahid

    Really sad to see this happen to HostGator again! I wonder if they can ever get back the reputation they had before the Endurance acquisition...

  4. Michael

    Hostgator has now stopped communicating completely. Websites that were working Saturday are now offline. All their csr's have to offer is "Thanks for your patience".

  5. Larry

    As a customer of Hostgator Affected by this mess, I will say this, and I say it with a clear head, you will struggle greatly to find a company with such bad customer support - and in my opinion lack of technical expertise - they can not solve these problems after 4 days - and even in cases where we received email saying everything has been resolved with your server - a few hours later it all goes down again.... this certainly does not inspire any confidence, it used to be a good company (the best in my opinion) but nowadays they have deteriorated to a really unreliable one.

  6. My website is still down.. I'm using a maintenance image right now at This is a huge issue. This is my clients site. They have a huge event this coming week. And physicians will want to access the site. This is not good business!! Hostgator is really screwing up. I've been there for years, and this just might be what makes me jump ship. It seems as if it's sinking anyway!!!! This is day 5 of downtime.

  7. I have a client that as of just a few minutes ago still doesn't have full usage of their website. HostGator, when they do say something about the outage, gives nothing but lip service. I learned while I was in the corporate world how to treat a customer right, even when major incidents where happening. If I ever treated my customers the way that HostGator has treated theirs my business would be closed and I'd be looking for another form of employment.

  8. Rob P, are you really criticizing the writer for saying "A lack of palatable empathy?" That was putting it kindly. Because I am, in fact, a Host Gator Reseller for over 5 years and this was just the latest and worst outage they have had during that span. Forget a "palatable lack of empathy." How about "a total disregard," or a "complete and utter lack of any sense of customer inconvenience," "a total disregard for the countless lost hours and revenue of thousands of businesses worldwide," or a "a TOTAL lack of useful communications when we needed it most," or a "text book example of what NOT to do during crisis communications," or more aptly, completely not giving a shit and trampling on their customers during our time of need. No, sir, this article was hardly "brutish" enough. This was such a grave breach of customer relations that yes, I have started the time consuming and expensive task of moving more then 50 reseller accounts away from Host Gator because I will never give my business to someone who treats ME with such a callous disregard and fails to communicate in a consistent and clear manner. Brutish? Cut me a break. Host Gator deserves to go out of business. To tap into the outrage from around the world, follow the hashtag #hostgatordown on Twitter.

  9. Brian

    I have a reseller Account with hostgator and I am beyond pissed. They have shown a complete lack of respect for their customers in the way they are responding to issues. I just logged into my account and my support ticket has been deleted and guess what the problem still not solved. I'm giving them 1 more day and then I'm taking my business elsewhere for good.

  10. B Woods

    We have been down since 2 am Wednesday morning and we have called HostGator 5 times now and have still have not been given an explanation or an eta. We were also told that they can't give us back ups until the server is restored, which make me wonder if they really have a back up. HostGator has had zero communication with us and when I call they direct me to their forum. Where is the disaster recovery plan?!? If you have a backup put it on a new server/restore an image of the downed server. I have a hard time believing that this is only affecting a "few" customers. Their hold time has been 30 min plus and their chat over an hour and they are definitely NOT in communication with customers. Over the last few days we have experienced the WORST customer experience we have ever had and we will never do business with HostGator again, not because of the problem but because of the way it is being handled. Here is the link to the forum:

  11. Rob P

    Nice editorial. I assume you had a reseller account with HG? This seems pretty brutish for an editor in chief to post. A lack of palatable empathy? In your opinion?

    • Nicole Henderson Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Nope, I don't have a reseller account with HostGator. I will always disclose if that's the case.

      • What do you expect from an EIG owned company? Other than ASO, they're basically all the same.

    • Mike D

      Nice Comment, Rob. I assume you're a HG nut-hugger as well? This seems pretty brutish for some random guy who probably doesn't own a Reseller account with HG either. I did own a reseller account at HG and since they got bought out by EIG it's been hell for even their long time customers. I am so glad I left 2 months ago to Power Up Hosting. Look for better providers people, there are many providers with better hardware and features you can resell easily. Try going to HG live chat and wait there for 45 minutes to an hour, to get told to open a ticket and then get told nothing for hours on end is par for the course at the "New HG". Corporate America has spoken, and you as an assumable HG affiliate losing sales because of their lack of communication come over here and make condescending remarks to someone reporting real issues? You get real! There are better providers out there. Dreamhost, Rackspace, Power Up Hosting, Liquid Web to name a few and if there are any resellers out there reading this, save time and money and your reputation by staying away from HG Reselling as things will not get any better, despite them giving you a canned response saying that the vast majority of issues are fixed, except the one that matters the most, yours!!!!

    • Chris Bailey

      If the author had a reseller account, she might be choosing far more colorful words if she was going through day four of downtime like some of us are. ;) I still have 4 sites that are down(10 are back up) and the simple fact that HostGator never even bothered to send an email to their resellers giving them a heads up is completely irresponsible IMO. Fortunately, I only use the reseller account for my own sites and do not resell hosting. This is the first extended downtime issue I've experienced with HG and I understand things happen. However, the extraordinarily poor handling of the situation made a very bad situation even worse, increasing the likelihood that I'll be searching for a new host when this is finally resolved. Additionally, I went into the billing/support area to do a follow up on my first ticket when all this started and that ticket is now gone. Those users who wish to "punish" HG by moving to a different host need to make sure they research Endurance International Group, Inc. so they don't keep lining the parent company's pockets by switching to one of the other hosting companies they own. Good luck to all of those affected.