HostGator Says Reports of a Server Breach by CaLLSTaCK are a Hoax

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Reports that 19 Hong Kong servers run by HostGator were compromised by a “hacktivist” group known as CaLLSTaCK are unsubstantiated according to HostGator.

A report from Cyber Defense Magazine (that’s now offline) said that CaLLSTaCK, which associates itself with Anonymous, was threatening to expose data belonging to Hong Kong government agencies stored on HostGator servers. Alex Poucher, the apparent head of CaLLSTaCK, had contacted them via email, saying that the data would be made public during the Anonymous’ Million Mask March on Nov. 5.

HostGator told the WHIR that this is simply not the case. Its official statement is: “We’ve investigated the claim and have found no evidence to substantiate it. We continue to monitor the situation.”

According to a source familiar with the situation, the screenshot Poucher sent to news outlets as evidence shows the PHP shell for his own HostGator account rather than for accounts it said had been hacked.


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  1. Veronica

    Our website was a victim of a malware attack because our web hosting company Hostgator themselves got hacked resulting in our website being shut down by google. This happened early December 2014 affecting our business. After three weeks of contacting hostgator about it, they still have not fixed the problem nor have a clue what happened. We received that same photo shown above on our google webmaster tools. We have now switched to Network Solutions.