HostGator Continues to Restore Hosting Services After Data Center Outage


HostGator is recovering from an issue at one of its data centers that was detected this morning, according to a post in its support forum Wednesday.

The data center issue was discovered at 11:37 am ET and HostGator isolated the affected servers and began restoring services shortly after, Joshua Martin, HostGator director of customer service said.

By 2 pm, HostGator reported that full service had been restored for the majority of its affected shared and VPS customers. At 3:10 pm ET, HostGator said most affected customers using dedicated servers were also back to normal. Customers on Twitter were still having issues around 4 pm.

HostGator expects full service to be restored by 5 pm ET, and is updating its support forum with more information.

Since moving away from SoftLayer data centers and its acquisition by Endurance International Group, many HostGator customers have reported downgraded services. In August, HostGator customers in Ace Data Centers’ Provo, UT facility experienced an outage due to network issues.

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  1. Hey Nicole, I recently experienced a run of problems of epic proportions with Hostgator and have posted a blog/video about it here: I referenced you after finding this excellent article of yours. Wish I'd seen it earlier. Keep up the good work: )

    • Nicole Henderson Post author

      Thanks Perry! I will certainly check out your blog/video. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I have a dedicated server and all sites are still down.

  3. Jeff

    I left Hostgator in August and went to Siteground. They have been great. They limit resources more and charge more, but it all works. Support tickets are answered in a few minutes and my sites are much faster. They also provide many more tools for shared hosting to allow you to optimize performance or perform more advanced functions. I could not be happier.

  4. This was not their first this year, hopefully their last because there is nothing as terrible as having a clients side down and not being able to do anything about it. It gives a bad image to your company and all our sites are hosted on HostGator.

  5. PO HG Customer

    These a$$holes haven't answered their phones, chat or support tickets in two days...spineless pricks is what they are!

  6. Unappy HG Customer

    nearly 30 hours later and my SQL is still down - damn you Hostgator - don't touch this company with a ten foot pole.

  7. Unappy HG Customer

    Hostgator dedicated services on the Provo DC SUCK! It's day two of this outage for my sites and now they stopped responding to my support tickets. They corrupted my database or cant get SQL to work properly. They way is panning out, it's clear I'm NOT on a dedicated box, but some massive shared account.

  8. I am a Host Gator "dedicated server" customer. I experienced outages both in August and today (Nov 20), what's worse is the lies - service was not restored until approx. 7PM EDT ... And what ever the REAL issue was, it was more than a "network issue". HostGator is fired!!

  9. Jake P.

    Let's see, so HostGator says they restored most of the dedicated servers by 3:10 pm. Not even close to being true! It is now 12:35 am and my server has been restored but my sites are still inaccessible. Ever since HostGator was bought by Endurance International their uptime has degraded considerably along with their customer service. Fourth time this year that I've had server problems with HostGator. I am now exploring hosting services not owned by Endurance International.

    • Sune

      "exploring hosting services not owned by Endurance International": I wonder if is related, I thought it was a competitor, but similar experience here: Their Icelandic SSD-server went down 22.nov., and it took 48+ hours to "restore" including loss of data(!) as their only working disaster backups where from 8.november, so all on that server lost all mail + sql + website-updates for 16 days = real disaster for webshops, for. example. It took 36+ hours to report anything else than "we are working on it, and will finish in a few hours"... I hoped HostGator could be alternative, but seems to be fine to look further...

  10. Len Rowdy

    What a load of Crap, we have 900 domains on a dedicated server still uncontactable, chat doesn't work and I've been on the phone on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Telling people that services are back up is just garbage. As soon as its up were gone.....not just this server but all of them.

  11. HGCustomer

    It's past the time frame and our server is still down.