Host Virtual Expands Cloud Platform with New Location in Denver

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Cloud hosting provider Host Virtual announced on Wednesday it has opened its new cloud data center location in Denver, Colorado, which marks its 14th cloud location worldwide.

The new location continues Host Virtual’s aggressive cloud expansion strategy, with recent cloud location openings in the US, Europe and South Asia.

The past year has seen Host Virtual expand its cloud to Hong Kong, India, San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Virginia, New York, and London.

“We’re excited about launching our services in Denver, Colorado,” said Sandy Bhargavi, senior vice president of Host Virtual. “Customers looking for excellent mid-point US connectivity, disaster recovery or simply geographic peace of mind will find our Denver cloud an excellent option.”

Host Virtual Denver Cloud is located in a seismic zone 1, which is considered one of the lowest risk zones in the country.

Using the Host Virtual cloud platform, customers are able to easily deploy over 300 Linux, FreeBSD, VOIP and hosting appliances within a few minutes, with native dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support to any of its 15th worldwide locations.

Combined with advanced tools and services, such as BGP AnyCast, Load Balancing, and worldwide CDN support, Host Virtual provides a seamless infrastructure as a service base for its customers.

In addition to its public cloud options, Host Virtual offers managed cloud hosting, dedicated private/public clouds, white-label cloud solutions and cloud consulting.

Host Virtual operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS clouds worldwide, providing scalability, self-service and ease of use, Host Virtual customers can deploy Linux, VOIP or FreeBSD servers to any location within minutes.

Host Virtual customers can deploy to any of its cloud locations with unlimited usage for a flat monthly fee starting at under $10 per month.

Last month, Host Virtual introduced a DDoS protection service for its hosting customers in the US, Europe and South Asia, based on solutions from DDoS mitigation solutions provider Black Lotus Communications.

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