Hortonworks Acquires XA Secure to Open Source Hadoop Security Solution

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Hortonworks announced on Thursday that it has acquired XA Secure and plans to open-source its Hadoop security layer. The acquisition moves Hortonworks towards the delivery of comprehensive security for Hadoop.

Hortonworks announced the deal and detailed its plans in a blog post on its website by VP of product management Tim Hall. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Adoption by enterprise and developments in Hadoop have changed management and security needs, according to Hortonworks. Apache Hadoop YARN allows multiple workloads to be run on the same architecture, but “what has been missing is a top-down, comprehensive review of security needs across the entire platform,” according to the announcement.

“For enterprises that want to adopt Hadoop, we’re going to give them a single pane of security administration glass and they will be able to provide centralized authorization across all those different engines, be it HDFS, Hive, HBase and so on,” Hall told ZDNet.

Hortonworks plans to use XA Security’s technology in HDP Security, which is expected to become available in late June. It will also unveil some of its newly acquired capabilities at the upcoming Hadoop Summit San Jose 2014.

Features of the new product include simplified central administration of Hadoop security policies, granular access control enforcement across for HDFS, Hive, and HBase, universal security audit tracking, and compliance conformance controls.

The California-based XA Secure was founded just over a year ago, and Hortonworks plans to bring its capabilities to the Apache Software Foundation in the second half of the year, according to ZDNet.

Hortonworks Hadoop platform became available from Rackspace’s managed hosting environment in October.

The rapid development of Big Data has created gaps in understanding and control as it has created opportunities for enterprises to better understand their business. With the acquisition of XA Security, Hortonworks believes it can close one of those gaps.

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