Hivelocity Offers Customers Free Cloud Storage

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Web hosting provider Hivelocity announced on Monday that every new server will now include 10GB of free cloud storage.

While Hivelocity is offering 10GB of free storage with each server, customers can pay for up to 2TB of cloud storage per server. Because the free storage offering is offered per server, clients with multiple servers will have multiple free storage plans offered to them, Hivelocity said.

Existing customers should expect to receive more information on how to activate their free storage plans through the month of January.

Customers can manage their storage within the myVelocity customer portal. Last year, Hivelocity added a live-tracking feature to its customer portal for customers to track their orders.

“We are always looking for new ways to reward our customers and improve our service.  Obviously some free storage on the cloud gives our customers and avenue for backing up data and peace of mind,” Barry Stetler, Hivelocity’s Development & Operations Leader said. “I think the simplicity myVelocity offers in setting up and managing the storage will be just as rewarding to our customers as the fact it is free.”

Offering incentives like Hivelocity has can draw attention to a service or feature that may have already existed or can be used to inform customers of a new service. As web hosts must compete with other free storage offerings, giving customers an incentive like free cloud storage can help web hosts increase ARPU.

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