Heroku Launches Private PaaS with Salesforce App Cloud

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As part of the Thursday launch of Salesforce App Cloud, Heroku is launching Private Spaces in public beta as a way for enterprises to run apps in a secure, private environment. Delivered as-a-service, Heroku Private Spaces deploys and runs Heroku app elements including dynos and data services in network isolated environments to deliver the benefits of cloud with the control of traditional software and on-premise infrastructure.

Private Spaces also includes global region options, allowing Heroku runtimes to be operated locally, though core Heroku services like git repos, app builds, and the control API service are still run exclusively out of the Virginia region. Regions currently available include Frankfurt, Tokyo, Virginia, and Oregon.

“Under Salesforce’s influence, Heroku has expanded from its original audience of individual developers targeting the consumer market to enterprise developers creating enterprise applications,” Ovum analyst Laurent Lachal told InfoWorld. “Alongside the new identity capabilities, it is part of the ‘App Cloud’ effort to connect Force.com and Heroku more tightly via connectivity and access control capabilities.”

Private Spaces is powered by new runtime architecture Heroku Dogwood, which augments the current Cedar runtime, Heroku says.

A survey released in August by VisionMobile showed Heroku has become the favored platform for Ruby and JavaScript developers. The same survey describes a typical concern of developers that public cloud security and resilience are insufficient to use it as their primary development environment, while successfully moving cloud applications from private development environments to public clouds can be challenging.

Heroku hopes Private Spaces directly addresses these concerns. “Too often that balance tips back towards software, with companies choosing to meet those requirements by building and running their own platforms, inevitably becoming frustrated by the resulting complexity, cost and poor experience,” said Jesper Joergensen, senior director of product management for Heroku in a blog post.

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