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Over Half of Cloud Expo Attendees Plan Hybrid Cloud Growth

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Over half of the attendees of the 2014 New York Cloud Expo and AWS Summit are building hybrid cloud solutions for their organizations, according to a survey by Avere Systems. An additional 31 percent said that they don’t know what their organization has planned or it is still being formulated, leaving even more room for hybrid adoption.

Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said they are building their own hybrid cloud in the next two years, while 11 percent are leveraging a partnership to build a hybrid cloud, and 12 percent are moving some storage to a public cloud service.

Unsurprisingly Amazon was both the public cloud and the object storage vendor being considered by the most respondents, at 49 and 56 percent respectively. Swift/OpenStack was next among object storage vendors at 8 percent, followed by EMC/Atmos with 7 percent. Among public clouds Google is being considered by 19 percent and Microsoft Azure by 13 percent.

Microsoft is betting on a partnership with IBM to win enterprise hybrid customers, the companies announced Wendesday.

“The reality is that most organizations today are straddling between on-premises and public cloud solutions as they look to implement their cloud strategies,” said Rebecca Thompson, vice president of marketing, Avere Systems. “Whether their data lives on premises or in the cloud, data movement needs to be both transparent and easily managed.”

Hybrid growth also provides a growing market for multi-envirnoment management service companies, like Sentilla, which was acquired by Ericsson last week, and CloudCruiser, which launched a new version almost simultaneously.

Avere announced a $20 million funding round in July which is using to continue the development of its own enterprise hybrid storage solutions.

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