HackSurfer Gets $3.5 Million to Expand Cybersecurity Info Sharing and Analysis Platform

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Cyber risk intelligence provider HackSurfer announced on Tuesday has raised $3.5 million in equity financing led by Boulder Ventures and CNF Investments. HackSurfer launched in 2012, and was built on the premise that info sharing and collaboration can help protect businesses in all sectors from cybersecurity threats.

HackSurfer describes its service as a combination of “cyber-focused data journalism, expert analysis, social media and facts & figures around who’s doing what to who, how are they doing it and what’s happening as a result.” Its main features include Surfboard, a social media “micro Twitter”, daily news and insight contributed by users, and analysis, which offers daily cybercrime analysis for each industry sector.

Based in Glenelg, Maryland, HackerSurfer will use the funding to expand its marketing and sales functions and broaden its customer base around the world. The state of Maryland has encouraged innovation in the cybersecurity space through tax credits and incentives to encourage graduates to pursue cybersecurity careers.

“Businesses today aren’t facing a single attacker; they are fighting a well-organized, well-funded army of cyber criminals that collaborate and innovate to exploit vulnerabilities from every angle,” HackSurfer founder and chief architect Jason Polancich said. “HackSurfer was founded with the vision of allowing organizations to make sound, risk-informed decisions based on a highly relevant threat profile for their specific business. Our unique content and practical analytics help answer questions such as: What threats are likely to attack our networks? Do we have the proper resources allocated to mitigate these threats? What attacks are hitting other industries in our supply chain? What threats could affect our customers? And, most importantly, how do I fix these problems?”

With education being a crucial aspect of helping businesses understand cybersecurity threats, web hosts could leverage the information shared by HackSurfer into educational materials for their customers, and share their security knowledge with the HackSurfer community to establish credibility.

HackSurfer has a properitary CyberFact Data Model, which provides a standardized representation of cybersecurity information and drives business intelligence analysis. HackSurfer hopes this will help organizations will now have the ability to understand the risks to their business.

HackSurfer has an API for organizations and security product vendors to integrate with their own products or environments.  Currently, it is offering introductory subscription pricing for the HackSurfer API and HackSurfer.com.

The company is planning to release SaaS products to provide cyber risk intelligence solutions to organizations of all sizes.

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