Hackers Demand Belgian Hosting Company AlfaNet Pay $20K Ransom

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Hacker group Rex Mundi has posted 12,000 customer names of Belgian hosting provider AlfaNet as part of its effort to blackmail the company for €15,000 (around $20,770 US).

The hackers claim to have access to all of its customer data, and threatened to post the full customer information by this past Saturday if AlfaNet didn’t comply with its order.

So far, AlfaNet has remained mum on what its response was, but it does not appear that Rex Mundi disclosed the full customer information. It is also unclear what the conversation between the hackers and hosting company has been offline, as a report by Softpedia notes.

AlfaNet hosts around 13,000 websites, and the hackers claimed to have access to its entire database. The hackers did leak some customer data samples and database information on Thursday.

On its Twitter account, Rex Mundi said it would also directly attack AlfaNet customers if the company did not pay up.

Rex Mundi has performed these types of attacks before. In July, Rex Mundi posted customer data from Numericable, a cable TV company operating in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The victim responded by refusing to pay the €22,000 ransom and referring the matter to the police.

Security and CDN provider Incapsula recently told the WHIR that these kinds of blackmail situations are becoming more of a trend. Incapsula has seen simple ransom and blackmail between hackers and providers, but often the amounts are less significant (around a few hundred dollars) so the attackers can stay under the radar.

AlfaNet has not responded to the attackers on Twitter. Its latest post notes that its office will be closed on May 1 and 2, 2014, but that is likely related to Labor Day (which is observed in Belgium on May 1st).

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