GreenQloud Uses Nimsoft Monitoring for its Cloud Solution

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Monitoring solutions provider Nimsoft ( announced on Tuesday that cloud solutions provider GreenQloud ( has selected the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution to provide customers with 24-hour visibility into its carbon-neutral compute cloud.

By using NMS as part of its Truly Green infrastructure as a service offering, GreenQloud will deliver  intuitive monitoring of customers’ critical applications, systems and network resources via customized portals.

Iceland-based GreenQloud says it will be the first truly green cloud hosting service available on the market when it launches its service in beta at the end of the year.

The service will use hydro and geothermal energy sources, as well as Iceland’s cool climate, to significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with powering and cooling IT infrastructure.

By implementing NMS, GreenQloud will be able to combine its carbon-neutral cloud service with cloud resource monitoring.

“Clients are very interested in becoming more environmentally responsible when it comes to IT, but they certainly don’t want to achieve that responsibility at the cost of service quality or peace of mind,” says Eirikur Hrasnsson, CEO and co-founder of GreenQloud. “With Nimsoft, we are complementing our best-of-the-best energy model with best-of-the-best monitoring capabilities.”

NMS integrates seamlessly with the Truly Green cloud and supports GreenQloud’s pay-per-use pricing model, as well as providing GreenQloud customers a flexible set of monitoring options.

In July, Nimsoft began offering “see as you go-pay as you go” capabilities to its unified monitoring solutions, which lets service providers bring more elastic IT offerings to market.

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