Google’s Project Shield Hosts Websites Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks

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Google announced the launch of “Project Shield,” a hosting service for targets of DDOS attacks, at its Ideas conference this week. The DDOS protection hosting service is part of a suite of tools meant for use by websites which serve “media, elections, or human rights related content.”

At the same conference, Google announced both its DDOS attack map and proxy-providing browser extension uProxy, which is meant to allow those subject to internet censorship to access blocked sites and content.

Sites hosted by Project Shield will be protected from politically motivated DDOS attacks by Google PageSpeed, which will direct resources shared with other Project Shield sites to the site under attack to increase its capacity. This resource allocation method of mitigation is similar to commercial DDOS defense services, most notably Cloudflare.

PageSpeed has been available through Google’s App Engine for over a year, but Project Shield is an invite-only service, being offered for free to “trusted testers.”

DDOS attacks are increasing in size and frequency, according to a recent Arbor Networks report, and DDOS mitigation services continue to develop in response. For example, in September, DDOS protection service provider Prolexic announced a set of updates and enhancements to the company’s PLXportal control panel.  


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