Google Updates Cloud Platform Partner Program with New Tier

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Google is adding a partner tier to its Cloud Platform Partner Program as part of an update which will grow the program. The update was announced this week by Head of Global Partner Programs Mark Hodgson in a blog post.

Google Cloud Platform currently has 161 partners, according to the blog post, which are divided into technology and service partners. Partners in the two-year-old program have also been divided between two tiers: Premier Partner and Authorized Partner.

The program will now include a “Registered Company” tier, which will grant the partner “entry level status with access to online resources and training.” This tier is meant to be a practical way to engage with different partners, without watering down the marketing and other benefits of those companies in the top partner tiers.

“These tiers are the first steps of many to further develop our partner community so we can provide the best possible experiences for everyone out there while working hand in hand with those companies that make it possible,” said Hodgeson.

The “everyone out there” Hodgeson refers to means not only potential partner enterprises but also potential Google Cloud customers.

Google Apps customers are reporting a high level of satisfaction with Google Apps, largely thanks to third-party apps, and the growth of the partnership program is part of Google’s strategy to sell businesses on Google Apps instead of Micrsoft Office and Office 365, according to GigaOM.

Microsoft recently tweaked its own partner program, cutting payouts to certain companies in line with its’ Office 365 price cut.

Google’s announcement comes during its Google Partner Summit in San Francisco, and it will host a Google Cloud Platform Live event later this month, the day before the AWS Summit begins.

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