Google Domains Service Moves to .Google

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Google launched the beta website of its domains business to its own top level domain (TLD) this week, so and now direct to Google Small Business quietly announced the change Tuesday with an invitation to check out the new TLDs available.

The original .google site was, which the company launched to redirect to its registry page in 2014, and in September that registry page was moved without fanfare to, VentureBeat reports. The registry page provides information about Google’s domain business, including its plans to be the registry for .app, .how, and .meme. It’s location on Google’s own closed TLD also seems to suggest that .google will eventually be the domain for more, or perhaps all, Google services.

Google Domains began offering integrated Apps for Work and custom email addresses, as well as 90 new gTLDs, in October. Google also reversed its main homepage to for April Fool’s Day last year. The public’s lack of awareness and low comfort level with new TLDs have been barriers to adoption of the new extensions, and gradually moving its own services to its own domain may be a way for Google to break them down.

A study published recently by a Cambridge University researcher suggests that adoption of new generic TLDs could grow rapidly to meet demand pent-up by the exhaustion of prime Internet “real estate” with the .com extension.

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