Google Domains Offers Custom Email Addresses, Integrates Apps for Work

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Google has expanded its Domains offering with custom email addresses and over 90 new domain extensions, the company announced this week in a blog post. The service expansion also includes domain ownership transferring and a new integration of Google Apps for Work.

The email offering is essentially an integration of Apps for Work with Google Domains. Through Apps for Work, users can pay $5 per month, or the same price as the basic Apps for Work offering, to set up an email address associated with their Google-partner provided domain.

The new domain extensions roughly double the number available through Google, include some potentially popular extensions like .business and .world, as well as numerous industry and interest-specific ones. Domains range in price from $9 (for .pw) to $120. Domains can also now be transferred from one Google Domains account to another.

The additions are the results of customer feedback, according to Google VP and CIO Ben Fried.

“It’s our mission to help your business easily get online and succeed with a domain name, and we want to make sure we continue to offer you the best tools and experience possible in our beta,” Fried says in the blog post, while encouraging further feedback on the offering.

Google Domains was launched to public beta in the US in January. Based on this expansion and the call for feedback, it will presumably remain in beta for some time.

An August Bitglass report showed that despite significant growth in the enterprise popularity of Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps is still the preference of most small businesses.

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  1. Google should not even be a registrar of domain names. They have never created an application that manages anyone else' assets and haven't a clue what domain registration means apart from the money it brings in to Google. They have a side show going on a Google Domains Beta where despite not disclosing it in the TOS, your online activities while interacting with the Google Domains website are interpreted by Google as your written instruction. It's not just an app to Google. It's a donation page to collect $100 from it's registrants when you're through with using their sad dashboard of zero options.