Google launched of four new tiers of support packages for services on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Adds Four Support Tiers to Meet Business User Needs

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Support is often one way that cloud providers try to differentiate their services from the likes of AWS and Google, but it may not be the best strategy. On Thursday, Google launched of four new tiers of support packages for services on Google Cloud Platform.

The beefed up support for Google Cloud Platform includes four packages that range from free to $400 per month, and covers Google App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, and BigQuery.

The move is a big step for Google, who until now directed customers to Stack Overflow and Google Groups for help. The new offering will provide 24×7 support, and give users access to someone by phone, or direct access to a Technical Account Manager team.

If cloud providers brushed off Google’s cloud platform as a competitor before, this support offering should illustrate that high-touch support is compelling for businesses looking at cloud services. Recently, web hosts have taken a consultative support approach to ease the migration to cloud for business users.

The new support offerings for Google’s cloud services come a few months after it lowered pricing on Google Cloud Storage by 20 percent, and expanded European data center support for Google Cloud Platform.

The bronze package is available for free to all users and offers access to online documentation, community forums and billing support.

At $150 per month, the Silver package builds on the Bronze package, and adds the ability to email the support team for questions related to product functionality, best practices, and service errors.

The Gold package offers 24×7 phone support and consultation on application development, best practices or architecture for specific use cases, and is offered at $400 per month.

The final tier, the Platinum support package, is the “most comprehensive and personalized support.” In addition to Gold, it gives users access to a Technical Account Manager team. The pricing is based on support needs, which users identify in a form that gets sent to Google’s sales team.

Recently, Google Drive added file hosting support, and third-party app integration.

Talk back: Do you think the four tiers of support offered on Google Cloud Platform will make it a more compelling cloud offering for business users? Do you think support is enough of a differentiation when it comes to cloud services? Let us know in a comment.

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