Google Buys Diane Greene’s Startup, Hires Her to Lead New Cloud Businesses Unit

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Google has bought Bebop Technologies, a stealth-mode startup that had been developing a platform for building and maintaining enterprise applications.

Bebop was founded by Diane Greene, a co-founder of VMware and Google board member, who had herself been in stealth-mode for some time.

The acquisition of Bebop (or perhaps “acqui-hire” of Greene) could help Google meet its new ambition of becoming the go-to cloud provider.

Greene and the Bebop team will join Google upon close of the acquisition. She will be heading up a new unit containing all of Google’s cloud businesses ranging from Google Apps to Google for Work to the Google Cloud Platform.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc., said in a blog post, “We think [Bebop] will help many more businesses find great applications, and reap the benefits of cloud computing. Bebop and its stellar team will help us provide integrated cloud products at every level: end-user platforms like Android and Chromebooks, infrastructure and services in Google Cloud Platform, developer frameworks for mobile and enterprise users, and end-user applications like Gmail and Docs.”

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