GoGrid Partners with Boston Big Data Research Group hack/reduce With Free Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting provider GoGrid said on Thursday that it is contributing the development of new big data technologies by contributing cloud computing resources to hack/reduce, a nonprofit research group based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While the announcement describes the deal as a “partnership,” it’s not entirely clear whether it is a kind of sponsorship, in which GoGrid is supplying the services for free, or whether hack/reduce is more of a typical customer relationship.

If it’s the latter, it is one of quite a few recent examples of a hosting provider offering up its services as a means of getting in front of a community it covets as a possible source of customers.

Last week, UK hosting provider Melbourne Server Hosting said it was sponsoring the Manchester Startup Weekend event for tech entrepreneurs.

If it is the former, then it’s a success for GoGrid in attracting big data users, considering the effort the company is putting into ensuring its solutions are right for big data applications. In August, GoGrid announced that it was offering server images for IBM’s BigInsights solution.

GoGrid launched its big data solution earlier in the year, offering a hybrid cloud infrastructure solution built to support high-performance analytics and Apache Hadoop projects.

In the press release announcing the partnership, GoGrid describes hack/reduce as “a nonprofit established in partnership with the state of Massachusetts,” along with other local and global organizations “committed to innovation.”

hack/reduce works with MIT, Harvard and other universities and community partners to bring together data scientists, developers and domain experts to work on new big data technologies and applications.

GoGrid says it will be contributing its big data solution to the project, providing hack/reduce participants with access to cloud resources that meet the requirements for running Apache Hadoop, and helping them to create innovation around big data.

“We’re excited the hack/reduce team chose GoGrid as the ideal platform to foster innovation in Boston,” said chief marketing officer Jeffrey Samuels, quoted in the press release. “GoGrid provides reliable, high-performance infrastructure services specifically designed for Big Data applications in the cloud. We understand the demands of complex projects that leverage Big Data.”

Talk back: Are big data projects on your radar as an important market for cloud hosting solutions? Are you doing any outreach to the communities you covet, along the lines of the GoGrid and hack/reduce deal? Let us know in the comments.

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