GoGrid Managed Services Stack Aims to Bring Consistency to the Multi-Cloud Approach

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Cloud platform and big data solutions provider GoGrid announced on Thursday that it has launched its Managed Services Stack, which includes a Managed Backup service, Managed Monitoring service, and a Managed Security service.

According to GoGrid, the Managed Services stack offers customers multi-level customer support from server-level monitoring of infrastructure to routine data backup.

GoGrid says its Managed Services Stack can help customers achieve the kind of operational consistency and reliability that can be difficult to maintain when using multiple clouds.

Multi-cloud approaches are certainly becoming standard as nearly three-quarters of enterprises (74 percent) have a multi-cloud strategy. Despite the popularity of multi-cloud, security and disaster recovery plans for this approach remain a challenge, which could be addressed by a service like GoGrid’s Managed Services Stack.

Flexiant is another cloud management provider who has recently added capabilities around managing multiple clouds. In May, the company acquired Tapp, a multi-cloud management technology and business from Spanish cloud company Besol Sl.

The GoGrid managed stack also offers protection from data and application layers across multiple clouds and on-premise instances.

“It’s no secret that our customers and our competitors’ customers are ‘polyglot users,’ relying on multiple clouds and on-premise instances to deliver their unique products and services,” GoGrid COO & EVP technology Mark Worsey said in a statement. “Given GoGrid’s stellar reputation for managed services on our own cloud, we wanted to offer the same level of support for competitors’ clouds as well as on-premise infrastructure. Our Managed Services Stack is tailor-made for today’s sophisticated cloud user, with centralized services to handle deployment, managed security, monitoring, load-balancing, backups, and other complex IT challenges.”

GoGrid is planning to offer additional managed services as part of the stack in the second half of 2014.

In May, GoGrid expanded its Open Data Services platform to support big data technologies including Clustrix and Couchbase.

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