GoDaddy’s Acquisition of Smart Calendar App Canary More About Team than Technology

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GoDaddy acquired Cambridge, Mass.-based smart calendar app Canary on Wednesday, ahead of the (unrelated) opening of a GoDaddy office in the city later this month. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The Canary team will join the Get Found Online team at GoDaddy, and there are currently no plans to bring the Canary app into GoDaddy’s product portfolio, according to TechCrunch. Canary’s co-founders Varun Chirravuri and Shaun Seo are relocating to San Francisco, while the other two employees declined to make the move, though they were offered jobs.

According to a blog post on the Canary website, it will continue to work as a standalone app on existing customers’ iPhones and it will remain in the App Store until it is confident all users have had a chance to upgrade.

Canary has over 10,000 customers, around half of which were small businesses – GoDaddy’s bread and butter.

“We’re proud of how well received Canary has been, but we know that there is a lot of room left to improve mobile time management and scheduling,” the Canary team writes. “We are confident that sometime soon, the right team will find the right solution.”

The Get Found Online team has grown to around 30 people, and includes the team and technology from GoDaddy’s acquisition of Locu in January. The Get Found service helps SMBs reach new customers through search engines, social media and directory sites.

Earlier this month, GoDaddy launched a new ecommerce service, called Get Paid, for small businesses to accept payments from anywhere, including on mobile.

While GoDaddy isn’t planning on using the technology from the Canary acquisition in its own services, adding members to its team with experience in mobile, calendaring, and meeting the needs of small businesses is certainly an advantage.

As GoDaddy heads into its IPO, having the best team in place will be critical.

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