GoDaddy Taps Dropmysite for Website Backup Service


GoDaddy has added cloud-based website backup for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) from Dropmysite, according to an announcement on Thursday. Under the partnership, GoDaddy customers will gain self-service website and database recovery from Dropmysite’s global platform.

While large enterprises may (and should) employ comprehensive security measures to protect against threats and mitigate attacks, Dropmysite said that SMBs are often unprepared for the worst online. One in five small businesses are compromised annually, and 60 percent go out of businesses within 6 months, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

“Our service will allow GoDaddy customers to maintain business continuity and allow for efficient, stress-free disaster recovery in the event that something bad happens,” Dropmysite COO Ridley Ruth said in a statement.

That something bad could be attacks through poorly secured FTP connection, web apps, third-party add-ons, or an innocent accident by the website owner. Weak passwords, deleted files, and upgraded content management systems can also result in site loss. With automatic daily backup using Dropmysite’s 256 bit military-grade AES encryption, a website and database can be restored in minutes with one-click, according to the company.

“Most GoDaddy customers are small businesses and need their websites to be up and running,” Jennifer Wehrmaker, senior director of product marketing for Hosting at GoDaddy said. “Having a backup of a website is vital on the Internet today. There are a number of reasons a website could have issues and being able to go back to a previous version is priceless. Dropmysite’s product and global network of data centers enables us to more easily support our growing global customer base.”

One quarter of WordPress users would pay “almost anything” to restore their website, according to a March report by Dropmysite competitor CodeGuard, which launched a free service this summer to encourage SMB backup adoption. Dropmysite partnered with three new hosting partners in February, and will now be available to dramatically more potential customers than at the beginning of the year.

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  2. Don't like godaddy, hosting is to slow, and renew domaim to expensive. Only buy .com domain for 0.99-2.99$ and move it to some other provider (in my case namesilo).