GoDaddy Opens Australia Office to Target Local SMBs

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GoDaddy has officially launched in Australia, where it will seek to tap into a large market of small and medium-sized enterprises without websites. Former LinkedIn Australia head of communications Tara Commerford will lead the local team as country manager for GoDaddy Australia and New Zealand, ZDNet reports.

The launch is the culmination of a gradual move into the market that started years ago. GoDaddy began offering .au domain names in 2012. James Carroll, GoDaddy head of international business and development, told Mashable that even before that, GoDaddy served Australian customers, who paid in US dollars.

Australia was also used as one of four international tier one pilot markets, according to ZDNet, before it launched its first international team in India, also in 2012, by hiring Rajiv Sodhi. Sodhi’s title has since expanded to GoDaddy India and Australia vice president.

Commerford said over 90 percent of Australian SMEs have Internet access, but less than half have websites. Carroll put the number of small business at more than 2 million, so GoDaddy could have a potential market of almost a million customers without enticing any migrations. Customer service will be delivered from the company’s Arizona call center, at least to start, while city domains .sydney and .melbourne will join the products and services tailored for Australia as they are rolled out.

GoDaddy’s Australian launch comes a year after an expansion into numerous European markets, and it will expand in Asia and the Middle East next year, according to Carroll.

“We have quite an aggressive plan and we’re well underway,” he said.

The Australian enterprise market will also be joined by Rackspace Private Cloud in the fourth quarter of this year. Despite the potential of the Australian cloud and hosting market, nothing is guaranteed, as demonstrated by local managed services provider 4D’s ongoing liquidation.

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  1. Love Godaddy. We've posted an amazing blog about why Godaddy + Australian SME works. They beat ALL Australian registrars hands down.