GoDaddy Marketing Campaign to Pay Customer to Quit Full-Time Job, Pursue Side Business

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GoDaddy’s puzzling Super Bowl commercial was part of the launch of a social media campaign called “the Big Leap” contest, the company said last week.

The ad featured an aspiring business woman quitting her job to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions, but did not detail or even mention the contest. The Big Leap contest consists of five entrepreneurs, chosen from among GoDaddy customers, competing to be awarded 6 months salary by GoDaddy while they pursue their current side-business as a full-time job.

Under new CEO Blake Irving GoDaddy’s marketing has been more focused on small business narratives and less on sex, as was previously reported by the WHIR.

The 5 Big Leap contestants each pitched their small business while being driven around a NASCAR track at 125 mph by GoDaddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick. The pitches can be watched and voted on through GoDaddy’s Big Leap site.

“We thought the nervousness of driving in Danica’s car was a great sort of analogy of what a business owner has to go through,” GoDaddy VP of social media Laura Messerschmitt said. “It was really exciting and fun, but at the same time scary. How excited we are to give this opportunity to our customers.”

Efforts like the Big Leap contest, commercials starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the #LiveYourDream slogan clearly indicate GoDaddy’s new approach to branding.

GoDaddy’s pitch to SMBs has also been evolving with the launch of “Get Found” as well as a managed hosting service for WordPress earlier this year.

Patrick will announce the contest winner at a NASCAR race on March 2.

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  1. Go to to see my pitch to Danica Patrick from her car at 125mph!