GoDaddy Launches Logo Design Service for Small Businesses

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GoDaddy is extending its small business services, offering a new logo design service for customers to get a professionally designed logo within one business week.

The GoDaddy Logo Design Service is a four-step online process where customers input their business and design requirements to designers who create their logo. The customer receives a new logo within three to five business days. The service is a one-time fee of $199.99.

If less than five days seems like a short turnaround time for a professionally-designed logo, the service does not start logos from scratch. As part of the process customers browse an image library to find a suitable graphic and colors and fonts. GoDaddy’s designers can also walk customers through the process and help with suggestions.

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The logo design service is under GoDaddy’s professional web services umbrella, which also includes website design and ecommerce website design.

GoDaddy’s services provide a good alternative for small businesses that have small budgets (maybe not Fiverr small) but don’t want to go the complete do-it-yourself route. While there is no shortage of tools online for building inexpensive logos, GoDaddy’s service provides SMBs with a one-stop shop with hosting, website design, and domains.

“GoDaddy Logo Design Service was developed expressly for small business owners, bloggers, consultants and other professionals with an online presence who are working to fine-tune their image and build a signature brand,” Linnea Stenberg, Program Manager at GoDaddy said in a statement. “The designer is available throughout the process to communicate directly with the customer to field any questions and ensure the finished product is perfect.”

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