GoDaddy Extends Global Reach with 11 New Markets in Asia

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GoDaddy has launched in 11 new markets in Asia on Monday, making good on a promise it made last year to grow its Asian presence in 2016. With the launch, GoDaddy’s services are now available in 14 markets across the continent, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The services available in Asia include domains, web hosting, build your own website service, and productivity tools. GoDaddy also offers local language customer care (available in 10 languages total) and a direct phone number in each of the new markets.

The US-based company is hoping its localized, cloud-based products will attract a bigger piece of the small and medium-sized business pie in Asia, where SMBs reign. With strong brand recognition in the US and Canada, GoDaddy has set its sights on international markets for continued growth this year. According to a report by BizJournals, 2016 will be the first year the company will acquire more international customers than domestic ones. Its international growth represents 26 percent of its revenue; international revenue of $110.6 million is up nearly 17 percent year over year.

“Asia is home to one of the largest, most vibrant small business communities in the world,” GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving said. “As Internet growth and smartphone adoption continue to accelerate across the region, it’s important that these businesses are able to create strong digital identities that will help them achieve their goals and compete online. GoDaddy is committed to providing the products and services that will enable Asia entrepreneurs to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures.”

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While Asian expansions can be tricky without the right partnerships in place, GoDaddy tells BizJournals that its approach helps mitigate some of the risk and complexity. Irving told BizJournals: “We make sure the code we have written is localized. This allows us to have very small nuances in the product and allows us to enter the market with no personnel, with the exception of a small personnel office that helps manage the languages,” noting an “immediate lift” with the strategy because it looks “a lot like the local community.”

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GoDaddy offers a range of country-specific domains for Asian markets, including .cn for China, .sg for Singapore and .tw for Taiwan.

According to GoDaddy, with the launch in Asia it is now operational in 53 markets, supporting 26 languages and 44 currencies.

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