GoDaddy to Deliver Spree Commerce-Based Platform for Online Stores

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Web host GoDaddy has partnered with open source ecommerce platform Spree Commerce on Wednesday to bring an easy, flexible and extensible ecommerce platform to its small business customers.

GoDaddy’s “Online Store” solution will be available in spring 2014.

“With GoDaddy, our vision is to make it simple for any small business to create an eye-catching store that will stand out and help them sell more,” GoDaddy’s chief of presence and commerce Sandeep Grover said in a statement. “With Spree Commerce on the back-end, we’ll be translating the great open-source work of the Spree community into a store experience available to the masses.”

Ecommerce remains an application category that is often difficult for non-technical and even technical teams to implement. Consequently, startups such as Shopify have come up with ecommerce services, and web hosts have been partnering with online store platforms like ePages which most recently partnered with 1&1 to bring ecommerce to hosting customers.

There are currently more than 4 million small businesses transacting online today, and the overall ecommerce segment will grow to as much as $370 billion by 2017, according to Forrester.

GoDaddy’s marketing has positioned it as a partner in helping people make a living doing what they want to do. For instance, at the latest Super Bowl, a woman quit her job in a GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ad to do something she loved. GoDaddy also launched a social media contest for entrepreneurs, letting the winner quit their job and get paid for six months to pursue their dream of running their side business full time.

Partnering with Spree Commerce gives GoDaddy a modern, open-source ecommerce platform for its Online Store offering, and GoDaddy developers will also contribute code to the Spree open-source community.

“GoDaddy is embracing open ecosystems and communities in open source,” GoDaddy CTO Elissa Murphy said in a statement. “This commitment not only allows GoDaddy to be a leader in the hosting and domains industries by adopting and contributing to the latest innovations in open source, but also expand our large-scale systems expertise. Over the next year, GoDaddy will adopt and contribute new innovations focused on the VSB (very small business) customer to these communities.”

GoDaddy already offers an ecommerce solution called “Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart” which is available in “Economy”, “Deluxe” and “Premium” tiers. It seems likely that Online Store will replace this service, again offering three similarly priced tiers.

In 2012, Spree Commerce launched the Spree Commerce hub, which automates back-end operations for storefronts using any platform. This means that Spree Commerce hub could replace Quick Shopping Cart on the back-end perhaps without customers noticing.

This week, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving presented at Parallels Summit 2014 in New Orleans. 

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