Go Daddy Deploys Netcraft Phishing Feed

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August 16, 2005 — Web hosting provider and domain registrar Go Daddy (godaddy.com)¬†announced on Tuesday that it had implemented further protection from Internet “phishing” attacks by deploying Netcraft’s phishing site feed. The additional protection will cover approximately 1.6 million Go Daddy email customers.

Go Daddy currently uses three separate tools for distinguishing phishing emails. First, it uses its own proprietary algorithm to search all incoming emails. Second, Go Daddy references Sender Policy Framework records to determine if an incoming email was sent from a legitimate server. Third, links found in inbound emails are cross-checked against several lists which identify phishers and spammers.

The company says that with Netcraft’s phishing feed, Go Daddy’s email system has yet another tool in the fight against phishing. Inbound emails containing links are now cross-checked against Netcraft’s phishing feed. If the link is identified as being associated with phishing, it is not delivered.

“As the world’s largest domain name registrar, Go Daddy takes phishing and other Internet fraud very seriously, and to that end, has assumed a leadership position in combating this threat and protecting its customers with every tool available,” says Bob Parsons, president and founder of Go Daddy.

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