NetDNA's SSL certificate solution includes GlobalSign automation technology OneClickSSL

GlobalSign and NetDNA Launch EdgeSSL Certificates for Content Delivery Network

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CDN provider NetDNA announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with SSL certificate provider GlobalSign to launch EdgeSSL, a SSL certificate solution for the NetDNA content delivery network.

EdgeSSL is a private SSL certificate provided to each NetDNA client by GlobalSign on request, and can be implemented through the NetDNA network within minutes.

It uses an integration and automation technology called OneClickSSL so NetDNA can instantly implement EdgeSSL certificates. OneClickSSL replaces the process of certificate signing request creation, key management, approver emails and certificate installation with an automated SSL system. Customers can use it to transfer their own SSL certificate to NetDNA using the same process.

At World Hosting Days in March, GlobalSign released an open source PHP library to help web hosts integrate its OneClick SSL solution into control panels and hosting environments.

Web hosts that have bundled NetDNA content delivery network with its hosting plans, like HostColor which announced in February that its reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting services would include NetDNA CDN, will be able to benefit from this partnership immediately. Since EdgeSSL is deployed instantly, it eliminates the need to buy and install SSL-capable server software on every server within the network, saving web hosts time and money when provisioning SSL certificates.

According to the press release, EdgeSSL features instant provisioning for a monthly fee, which NetDNA says makes it one of the most affordable services on the market compared to other CDN providers. It includes National Institute of Standards and Technology certified 256-bit encryption, secure data transfer, and web-based certificate management.

“Our close working partnership with GlobalSign means we can deliver a trusted SSL service to enterprises with none of the delays and management hassles that are normally experienced today,” Chris Ueland, president of NetDNA said in a statement. “Combined with NetDNA’s high-performance CDN service, EdgeSSL delivers a complete package that is a true alternative for companies of all sizes.”

Since EdgeSSL stacks reside on the NetDNA network, customer origin server computational load is off-loaded onto the network. According to NetDNA’s website, EdgeSSL Acceleration allows the origin servers CPU computational load to be reduced by 70 percent.

“We are delighted to welcome NetDNA on board as a GlobalSign partner, sharing in the ongoing success and adoption of GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL technology,” Frank Romito, senior manager of strategic partnerships at GlobalSign said in a statement. “We look forward to providing trusted SSL certificates using OneClickSSL, which will eliminate the usual SSL ordering and installation errors experienced by NetDNA’s customer base.”

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