GigaSpaces Extends Cloudify to OpenStack Public Cloud on HP, Rackspace

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Application platform provider GigaSpaces Technologies announced on Friday it has integrated its open PaaS stack Cloudify with both the HP Cloud Services and Rackspace Clouds.

There are a growing number of open source communities that are impacting cloud computing as a whole — an emerging trend I explored in a WHIR feature last month.

By partnering and collaborating with cloud leaders like Amazon, Rackspace and HP, these open source projects are playing a significant role in moving the technology forward.

With these partnerships, Cloudify expands its support of the OpenStack Open Elastic Platform initiative and users ability to on-board mission-critical applications in a new public cloud environment. In addition to these new partnerships, GigaSpaces previously integrated Cloudify with Citrix platform.

“Until recently, OpenStack wasn’t really available on a public cloud offering. With the integration of Cloudify with HP Cloud Services and Rackspace, this has changed,” said Nati Shalom, CTO and founder of GigaSpaces. “With this new development it becomes possible to use the same cloud environment and API in both private and public clouds and build a truly open hybrid cloud.”

GigaSpaces collaborated with both HP and Rackspace to extend the Cloudify open PaaS stack to their respective environments.

Cloudify users are able to create a hybrid cloud using the concept of application recipes and leveraging popular tools such as Chef.

The open elastic cloud platform makes it possible to easily extend new and existing applications between private and public clouds without having to make any changes in code.

Developers can launch their stack of choice on-demand, deploy a full multi-tier application stack with a single command, and automate the development process from a local desktop to a full-blown production cloud.

Enterprises can build a private PaaS in their own environment, enable applications to burst to a public cloud when additional capacity is required for limited timeframes.

Cloud providers can effortlessly migrate existing customers onto their new OpenStack cloud without forcing any code change on customer applications, use Cloudify internally to quickly launch new services to enterprise customers.

GigaSpaces recently launched the new CloudifySource Community to support the new open source Cloudify product, providing a one-stop source for all things related to Cloudify, including downloadable source code and collaborative opportunities on recipes and plug-ins.

Talk Back: Are you currently using Cloudify or any other open source elastic cloud platform? Do you see a value in participating in open-source cloud projects? Let us know in the comments.

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