German Firm Arago Receives $55 Million to Support Global Growth of Automated IT

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Arago, a German company specializing in the automation of IT tasks, announced an investment on Thursday by KKR of $55 million resulting in minority ownership. The company will use the funds to spread use of it’s AutoPilot and CloudPilot technologies globally.

“Our goal is really to help him [Mr. Boos] to bring this to the U.S.,” Lucian Schönefelder, a director at KKR, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “The problem you very often have with European, and in particular German companies, is they have a very, very strong underlying technology but they are not very sophisticated in selling and marketing it.”

Based on the company’s AutoPilot technology, CloudPilot can automate almost all tasks performed by IT administrators. Almost 80 percent of tasks related to cloud-based solutions can be controlled by the system. It allows for customization by addition of new knowledge to a pool that continuously combines new scripts using a model-based algorithmic method. AutoPilot’s algorithms act human by being able to learn thousands of rules and then rank them based on context.

“Arago CloudPilot is an automation solution that meets IT challenges in modern, dynamic landscapes,” according to the Arago site. “It is designed to relieve administrators of the tasks involved with the increasing complexity of cloud infrastructures.”

CloudPilot monitors activity and creates a log for each step it complets. If it can’t figure out a problem the results are passed on to the human IT team. Although there could be some jobs taken over by this technology, what it really does is take the most routine tasks aways so IT teams can focus on more complex tasks.

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