French web host Gandi has expanded its platform as a service to the US market

French Web Host Gandi Expands Platform as a Service to US Market

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French cloud hosting provider Gandi announced on Monday that it has expanded its Simple Hosting offering to the US.

Gandi Simple Hosting combines cloud servers with the benefits of traditional shared hosting, and for the first time, Gandi customers can run its Simple Hosting servers in the US.

Gandi is an international hosting provider and domain registrar, with offices in Paris, Baltimore and Vancouver. With this offering, international enterprises will be able to deploy Gandi Simple Hosting servers in the US, adding latency for US-based end customers.

The platform-as-a-service supports many popular LAMP applications, Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP, applications. This ability gives customers the benefits of a true virtual machine hosting solution without the complexity of VPS servers, Gandi says.

In future releases, Gandi’s Simple Hosting platform will support other dedicated platforms like Ruby and Java.

“Other simple hosting solutions are often offered as part of a shared hosting platform, adding security and performance issues,” Thomas Stocking, VP of US operations, Gandi, said in a statement. “Our research indicates that our customers want the benefits of true virtual machine hosting, without the complexity of VPS servers and the associated administration. This LAMP-stack PaaS is in answer to their many requests for such a solution.”

“This service opens the US market for Gandi customers’ content, and makes it easier to provide content to this market for small businesses in the US and internationally,” Stocking stated. “Traditionally, a Content Delivery Network is used to distribute content worldwide, but most small businesses do not want the complexity or cost of a CDN. This new service allows them to create simple, easy web sites that reach millions of people.”

In June, Gandi launched its Gandi BaseKit website builder for customers to build websites using a WYSIWYG interface. Gandi BaseKit helps customers create websites using HTML5 and CSS style sheets to support iOS functionality.

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