Fortinet and Ottawa-based Willis College Partner to Provide Network Security Training

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Network security solutions provider Fortinet announced an expansion of its relationship with Willis College of Business, Technology and Healthcare in Ottawa to further advanced network security training.

Fortinet and Willis College are partnering to develop an Advanced Network Security Professional Program, which would then provide training for jobs at Fortinet and similar companies which could provide network security to the Canadian federal government.

Fortinet’s existing relationship with Willis College has resulted in the company hiring over 40 Willis graduates, and now Fortinet is investing in a new comprehensive network security lab at the Ottawa campus. Fortinet will also participate in technical curriculum development, training assistance, and program direction.

“Having worked with Willis College for four years, we feel certain that we will succeed in the development of a curriculum that will teach students valuable skills and qualify them for positions that we have open today and in the future,” said Michael Anderson, vice president of global support and services for Fortinet.

Earlier in the week, a Deltek report highlighted the need for government spending on network security, predicting that US federal government contracts relating to cybersecurity will increase by billions over the next five years.

Fortinet introduced an application delivery controller and global server load balancing recently after developing them from software by Coyote Point, which Fortinet acquired in March.

If Fortinet is able to translate its investment into a wave of highly trained recruits, the company and career college will both benefit.  If Fortinet can better deliver services and grow its business with Willis graduates, perhaps other network service companies can partner with educational institutions to train the next generation of network professionals.

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