Former CoreSite executives have launched infrastructure as a service provider Ajubeo in Denver on Wednesday

Former CoreSite Executives Launch IaaS Provider Ajubeo, Denver Cloud Now Live

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Cloud infrastructure as a service provider Ajubeo announced on Wednesday the official launch of its cloud platform in its Denver, Colorado cloud hub.

Backed by Colorado private equity firm Grey Mountain Partners, Ajubeo was founded in mid-2011 by former CoreSite executives to provide architectural agility to enterprise IT. Ajubeo says its differentiator is that it was built from the top down by CIOs, for CIOs.

“We’re not trying to disintermediate enterprise architects, we’re trying to enable them. We were them for a long time,” Ajubeo chief executive office Chuck Price says in an interview with the WHIR. “We know that they know what they’re doing, they just need a more cost-effective way to build out the architecture in their heads a lot faster for their businesses without having to get a PO, and justify it to the CFO, and go buy the capital equipment only to get another capital budget three years later before they can replace that same equipment. It’s just a vicious cycle.”

Price, Ajubeo chief executive officer and co-founder, has an extensive background in IT. He has worked for large IT organizations, enterprises in highly regulated industries, and web 2.0 companies. In his work doing contracting for the US navy and airforce, he worked with the first US female astronaut Dr. Sally Ride to develop software in an imaging system that flew on the space shuttle. Later, he left TD Ameritrade to join CoreSite and help it with IT governance and readiness before its IPO and developed its cloud strategy.

After identifying a market opportunity for providing pure play infrastructure as a service with a focus on enterprise environments, Price and his colleagues, Tom Whitcomb, Mark Jobson and Boyd Goodfellow, decided to launch Ajubeo.

The Ajubeo cloud platform uses technology from VMware, NetApp, Fortinet, and Brocade as well as tier 1 carriers and Internet service providers. In order to use the best of breed vendors Ajubeo needed capital, but Price says it decided to skip the angel investor route to work with a private equity partner that shared and supported its vision.

“Some people call the Denver market the new Silicon Valley of technology there’s a ton of great start ups here, there’s a ton of great investors here, there’s really a lot of entrepreneurial energy in the Denver marketplace,” Price says. “We were fortunate to live here and be a part of this. I moved here in 1999 and just built some great relationships with great people all along the way.”

One of those relationships is FORTRUST, the data center provider of Ajubeo’s Denver cloud hub. Recently, FORTURST announced that it has deployed IO modules in its Denver data center.

“I’ve been in a lot of data centers. I’ve built them, moved them, all kinds of stuff and I’ll tell you these guys are the Fort Knox, the battleship of data centers,” Price says. “They’ve not had a single downtime in the history of their business, it’s been over ten years now.”

Ajubeo plans to launch its infrastructure in New York by the end of the quarter, and will launch a location in London by the end of the year.

Ajubeo offers private, public and hybrid implementations, but according to Price, it focuses mostly on the private and hybrid side.

“We can do direct, but what we prefer to do actually is a private label or wholesale reseller type of arrangement,” he says. “That’s one of our key differentiators. VMware says the key differentiator for us is to have a private label program that is a very robust program. That allows us to enter markets quickly and to leverage the salesforce and the channels of our managed service provider partners.”

Ajubeo is hosting a private event at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to celebrate the corporate launch.

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