Floify is a free cloud service web hosts could offer their customers with workflow management

Flux Launches Free Cloud Workflow Management Service for Web Hosts, Businesses

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Workload automation and managed file transfer solution Flux announced on Tuesday that it has launched a free service called Floify to automate and orchestrate workflows and file transfers in the cloud. While businesses can use the tool regardless of IT experience, web hosts and managed service providers can add Floify to their service portfolio.

Floify is a hybrid, cloud-based workflow service and can be managed from a web browser which means it can be managed from a desktop, laptop or iPad, and securely automates file transfers, and workflows.

According to its website, managed service providers can use Floify to give them a “unique advantage” and enable customers to streamline daily data scheduling and transfers with employees, vendors and clients through automation. Floify provides is one of many cloud-related services that web hosts

“There’s no code, scripting, or APIs to learn. Deployment is fast with users up and running in minutes. It really can add efficiency to operations no matter the size of the business or IT level,” Dave Sims, CEO and Flux founder. “Everything is centralized at Floify.com and the service is merely the orchestrator or broker of the workflows. With Floify, less time and money can be spent manually transferring business critical information — all without a big ramp up in cost, equipment, or developer time.”

Floify doesn’t require any additional infrastructure, it leverages an organization’s own software and server to ease the transfer of cloud-based and on-premise data.

According to the press release, Floify never sees any downloaded files because all communications are encrypted using SSL security.

While it currently offers a single workflow, Floify plans to add more, according to its press release.

Recently, Microsoft launched its Windows Server 8 beta that includes PowerShell, a tool for creating scripts that automate processes and workflows.

Talk back: Would you be interested in leveraging a free service like Floify? How would you package Floify with your existing cloud offerings? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. We'd like to work with Managed Services Providers to add new workflows and capabilities to Flofiy. Our goal is to provide services and infrastructure that MSPs can re-package or resell to their user bases. It's all free, just like Floify. To begin the conversation, just reach out at Floify.com.