Flexiant Partners with Parallels to Strengthen Cloud Orchestrator Distribution

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Cloud orchestration software provider Flexiant announced this week at Parallels Summit 2014 a key partnership that will see Parallels resell its Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator solution.

According to Flexiant CEO George Knox, this partnership will help it extend its distribution and reach as it will now tap into the extensive Parallels ecosystem of providers from small hosts to large telecos.

“We’ve always known that we’ve got a world-class product but how do we get it to more and more people?” Knox said in an interview at Parallels Summit on Wednesday. “The announcement with Parallels really starts to give us that reach. What’s unique about it is Parallels is reselling the product globally so for their salespeople it’s just another produt in their bag. The key thing about it is it goes toward their sales targets to it’s not like an add-on, it’s a core product for them.”

The Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the first time Parallels is “getting a multi-hypervisor product,” according to Knox.

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, Flexiant hopes that service providers will have a way to get to market with a cloud offering quickly and cost-effectively as it will be provisioned and managed through Parallels Automation.

As part of the announcement, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator will also support provisioning of cloud services with Parallels Cloud Server virtualization and storage.

According to Knox, this partnership will help to bring Flexiant ahead of its competitor in the space, OnApp.

“We already were head-to-head with OnApp in the hosting end and always were, but with this strategic agreement all of the sudden we’ve got 120 salespeople and resellers…I think it’s fair to say we’re competing much stronger in the hosting space,” Knox said.

Parallels will also help bring some recognition and exposure to the Flexiant brand. “Small hosting companies are still not as aware of Flexiant as you would think,” he said.

“Our strategy for 2014 is all about distribution of cloud services,” Knox said. “We’ve gone through three stages. The first stage was to build a really high quality product, and the second stage was building out and acquiring customers and partners. The third stage is going to be all about distribution.”

Recently, Flexiant partnered with IT distributor Arrow ECS UK to combine Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator with hardware supplied by Arrow.

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