Flexiant Concerto Offers Service Providers Easy Management of Cloud Apps

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With more apps being designed and deployed in the cloud, service providers can take advantage of what Flexiant calls the “fastest growing and most underserved market opportunity.” The company is betting that cloud consumption will be driven by next generation apps being built for scale.

“Service providers need to look beyond optimizing cloud infrastructure just to host legacy apps, said Marco Meinardi, VP of Product at Flexiant. “Instead, they need to serve the empowered developer community that is creating next generation apps, born in the cloud, for the cloud.”

Founder of Flexiant Tony Lucas moderated the HostingCon session “Innovate or Die” Wednesday with several companies offering varying technology in the cloud space. Helping service providers sell and manage new services such as cloud applications was one of the main topics of discussion. Art Zeilie of Hosting.com stressed using partnerships for specialized service offerings rather than developing a new solution for customers each time.

The company announced the launch of Flexiant Concerto, a multi-cloud management tool on Wednesday. “With the launch of Concerto, Flexiant again demonstrates why analysts continuously rate Flexiant as the leading innovator of software solutions in the public cloud space.” said Jim Foley, SVP Market Development to the WHIR in an email.

Improvements on the cloud management system, Tapp, that Flexiant acquired in May have fueled new features in Concerto. “After using Tapp for over two years, we evaluated the improvements Flexiant made to the multi-cloud application lifecycle managementsolution,” said Daniel Ribaya, Director of Innovation and Marketing at Acens. “We were pleased with the ease of use, the intuitive user interface and simplicity of managing the app lifecycle across multiple clouds. As part of our future-proofing strategy, we will continue to maximize the Flexiant technology.”

According to Lucas, third party companies adding value through SaaS are attractive to service providers, but there are always those who want to run these things on their own infrastructure. Flexiant’s new product allows for hosted or white labeled service. Flexiant Concerto allows service providers to manage multiple clouds on existing infrastructure or on other cloud providers such as AWS, Cloudstack, Digital Ocean, IBM, Joyent, OpenStack, Rackspace or VMware. The ability to manage Azure and Google will be available November 1, 2014.

Features include the ability to migrate application stacks across multiple clouds, automatic scaling of an app, SaaS integration with partners New Relic, Boundary, Sumo Logic and Mixpanel, ability to use Concerto as a hosted solution or white label and integrated DNS management and load balancing.

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