FireLayers Emerges from Stealth Mode with Policy-Based Security Platform for Cloud Apps

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Security provider FireLayers emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday, launching its policy-based security platform for cloud applications.

The FireLayers platform allows IT departments to deploy predefined and customizable rule-sets for cloud applications which, according to the announcement, allows for proactive mitigation of security and compliance issues.

The policy-based platform includes pre-defined and customizable rule-sets for applications including Office365, Salesforce and Organizations use cloud applications for many reasons, including effiency and cost-savings, despite concerns around security. Being able to set particular rules around uses of each application could help organizations be more successful in adopting cloud apps.

Recently, Imperva acquired SkyFence, a security provider that protects internal corporate applications that are moving to SaaS delivery models.

FireLayers’ Open API enables integration with third-party add-ons including anti-malware and encryption. Third-party apps are widely used by organizations in the cloud, and have been a major selling feature for Google Apps over Microsoft Office, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan last week.

“The cloud is the biggest tectonic shift in IT in the past decade,” Yair Grindlinger, FireLayers co-founder and CEO said. “It represents huge benefits, and requires IT and security leaders to define the right cloud Application strategy for their organizations, one that will enable the great benefits of cloud adoption while maintaining required levels of security, compliance and IT governance.”

The company is fully funded by San Francisco-headquartered venture capital firm YL Ventures.

“FireLayers has developed deeply-proprietary technology that is revolutionizing the way that enterprises use cloud-based applications. It is the only truly secure and employee viable solution to the challenges of Shadow IT and cloud application control,” YL Ventures Managing Partner and FireLayers Board Member Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf said.

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