Fireblade Brings Anti-DDoS Solution to Web Hosting Market at 2014

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Fireblade, a DDoS security provider, announced its availability for the hosting service provider market this week at 2014 in Rust, Germany.

Fireblade co-founder and CEO Shay Rapaport tells the WHIR in an interview at the event that he started computer programming in the 90s before becoming a criminal lawyer. In 2009, he co-founded Fireblade as an anti-bot service for big websites.

“I guess it means I like to play with criminals, sometimes online, sometimes offline,” Rapaport says.

What Fireblade has done now is applied its experience in blocking sophisticated attacks and commercial abuses with behavioral analysis to the hosting provider space.

“We do two things with hosting partners. If they want we can give them baseline, blanket anti-DDoS solution to cover all of their web servers together,” he says. “Rather than pushing the DDoS solution to customers one by one, for a very minimum price we cover your entire infrastructure.”

“Second we provide them with this mobile app, that is co-branded, and it gives the end-user a good idea about the site’s availability and performance,” Rapaport says. “It’s a good way to engage the hosting customer.”

With the mobile app, hosting companies can send out alerts via the app to let customers know if a website is down or being attacked, or if a server is being taken down for maintenance.

The mobile app promotes customer loyalty, engagement and interaction, Rapaport says.

He identifies Fireblade’s competitors as Incapsula, SiteLock and CloudFlare. Recently, CloudFlare acquired StopTheHacker.

Rapaport says what sets Fireblade’s service apart is how granular users can get into the security data, and create more sophisticated rules for the tech-savvy customer.

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  1. Sounds amazing! I'm using CloudFlare now but Fireblade prices are more reasonable for end-user like me.