Firebase Launches Hosting Service for Developers

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Backend-as-a-service provider Firebase has launched a developer hosting service, the company announced this week. Billed by Firebase as “production-grade hosting for developers,” the service stores static client-side content to reduce the number of service providers and steps necessary for developers to get apps up and running.

The developer hosting offering includes default SSL and custom domains, and enables deployment in seconds, according to Firebase. Data is served up by a CDN that uses SSDs in points of presence around the world through a partnership with Fastly, according to VentureBeat.

Already providing storage, syncing, and an API, Firebase is following the next logical step to extend to developer hosting.

“[Developers] said they needed an easy place to put their app and to put their source code on the web,” James Tamplin, Firebase co-founder and CEO told VentureBeat. “They were using Firebase for everything, and they were going out and using Heroku or, like, [Amazon’s] EC2 and hosting their code somewhere. It was a non-uniform experience, and that was the pain point for them.”

Free accounts are available for sign up, which is one of the criteria of a good host for app developers, according to some participants in a Lifehacker discussion in February devoted to hosts for developers.

Making things easy for developers is also the goal of PaaS startup, which launched in March.

Firebase launched its paid product last year after raising $5.6 million in series A funding in June.

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