Fasthosts Launches Customer Reviews Site

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UK-based web hosting provider Fasthosts announced on Tuesday that it has launched a new review site specifically for Fasthosts customers to share their experiences with the company and provide their feedback, and for prospective customers to use as a resource in researching the hosting provider.

The company says the new site, separate from the Fasthosts website proper at, is a furthering of its customer care program, and a reflection of its commitment to “honest and transparent communication” with its customers.

The user-generated reviews site is a staple of online commerce, with Yelp being a prominent example, and a user-reviews section built into just about every online storefront (, for example, contains a huge collection of product reviews).

At the same time, there’s a demonstrated demand for this kind of discussion, on hosting community environments, such as

However, the company-branded review site is a bit of a departure from the norm.

“Fasthosts is one of the first within the technology industry to actively promote the use of such a review site,” says Stephen Holford, marketing director at Fasthosts. “Whilst many firms shy away from the spotlight, we are proud of our brand and products and confident that they will speak for themselves. The website will provide a balanced, useful resource to the market and be a great way for us to learn about our customer experience.”

The site provides a simple form for customers to enter feedback, and presents those reviews unedited, says Fasthosts, including any negative comments that may be posted, though the company points out that it will edit or remove abusive posts.

The company says that along with a resource for prospective customers researching Fasthosts, the site provides a means for customers to provide the company with feedback and requests.

Fasthosts has been active in exploring alternative promotional opportunities, frequently releasing market research reports, for example. Earlier this month, the company issued the results of a survey on small businesses’ attitudes around consuming cloud products.

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