European Enterprises Going Ahead with Cloud Adoption Plans Despite Concerns Around Heartbleed, PRISM

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With the one-year anniversary of the PRISM revelations coming up next month, CipherCloud has surveyed European enterprises to understand their cloud adoption plans and how concerns around privacy and security have impacted them.

According to a survey of attendees at the Infosecurity Europe 2014 conference conducted by CipherCloud, 11 percent of respondents indicated that Heartbleed, data breaches and PRISM revelations have significantly altered their cloud adoption plans. Fifty-six percent said that these issues had little impact on their plans.

Visibility into cloud applications was another area that the survey touched on. Only 15 percent of respondents expressed a high level of confidence in their organizations’ level of visibility into all the cloud applications in use by their employees.

Shadow IT is a growing concern as cloud services are brought into organizations without the IT department knowing about it. CipherCloud offers a free software called Cloud Discovery that reveals cloud application use within a network to monitor cloud use and risk within the organization.

“Security and privacy risks have followed sensitive data into the cloud, making cloud information protection a new imperative for enterprises,” Bob West, Chief Trust Officer at CipherCloud said. “It is no longer practical to leave sensitive data unprotected. The smart recourse is proactive defense with strong encryption as the fail-safe to protect information in the scenario of a data breach.”

Forty-three percent of respondents reported no enterprise visibility or control into whether employees were putting sensitive data into the cloud.

Sixty-four percent of respondents said that protecting their cloud data was very important, while 7 percent considered data protection an after-thought.

Encryption was seen as a valuable tool in cloud data protection, with more than 55 percent seeing high value in encrypting their cloud data to protect it from potential data breaches or third-party surveillance.

Recently, Deutsche Telekom partnered with CipherCloud to help assure organizations that their cloud data is secure. CipherCloud encrypts data before transferring it to a cloud server.

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