EU Body Seeks Input on How to Make Europe a Trusted Region for Cloud Computing

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The European Cloud Partnership is seeking out opinions on how the European Commission can make Europe a trusted region for public and private organizations to buy and sell cloud services.

The ECP Steering Board has been working on developing a proposed framework known as “Trusted Cloud Europe” to help define common cloud best practices. Now, all stakeholders and the general public is invited to weigh in on the Board’s suggestions to further develop Trusted Cloud Europe through an online survey, email, and online forum.

In light of security and privacy concerns surrounding cloud technology, the European Commission has been seeking out ways to ensure that the legal, technical, and market frameworks can foster trust in cloud services and avoid fragmented national cloud markets.

Recently, the European Parliament voted in favor of new safeguards on the personal data of EU citizens when it’s transferred to non-EU countries.

In its report, the ECP notes that it’s important to have input and cooperation from government, industry and citizens. “The European Cloud Partnership calls upon policy makers at the European and national level, and upon cloud providers and cloud users, to support this approach and to implement the proposed actions towards establishing the Trusted Cloud Europe framework, and thus enabling a single digital market for cloud services in Europe.”

Some of the concepts put forward by the ECP are the establishment of a single cloud market in Europe and a simplification of certifications, accreditations, and standards that prevent private and public organizations from using cloud services from other countries. Similarly, it is calling for the reduction of data location restrictions but rather focusing on functional requirements such as data controls.

The ECP also seeks to establish a common framework for how EU and national laws and jurisprudence are carried out, and clarify when it’s lawful for authorities to access data hosted by cloud providers in their country.

The ECP is accepting input on Trusted Cloud Europe until Friday May 2, 2014.

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